• outdoor rooms

    The outdoor room is a major trend - from Coast to Coast, from Sunbelt through Snowbelt. Homeowners are creating outdoor spaces for cooking, dining, relaxing, entertaining, and doing so much with as much style and attention to detail as they used throughout the interior of their home.

  • Premium grills

    The Fireplace Company carries the finest in outdoor grilling products from The RH Peterson Company.


  • Patio fire pits

    Outdoor fire pit tables and campfires add a warm, cozy glow to any outdoor space. A fire pit extends your ability to stay outdoors in the spring, summer and fall, allowing the outdoor living space to be used virtually year round.

  • outdoor fireplaces

    Utilize your outdoor living space like never before. Create the rustic, inviting feel of a campfire in​ the comfort of your own backyard.


    Outdoor pergolas do much more than bring all of your outdoor elements together; they bring families and friends together. Whether you choose wood or fiberglass, having a pergola is an easy and affordable way to complete your outdoor room!